About Us


Mark Smith Financial Services (MSFS) is a family owned and operated investment firm offering fee only portfolio management and financial planning, including retirement planning and insurance consulting services.  Mark Smith first opened his doors as a CPA nearly 40 years ago.  In 1997 he formed this registered investment advisory firm, Mark Smith Financial Services and immediately began providing investment management services.  and has been serving families and businesses alike ever since.  

Family business – Being surrounded by family every day, as Mark is, provides a constant reminder of why quality financial planning is so fundamentally important to clients.  And when your employees are family, or have been with you for so long they’re like family, every team member works that much harder to make the company’s vision come to fruition.  Mark’s own investments are managed in the same manner as his clients, because he truly believes in treating each client (some of which have been clients for decades) like they are a member of his family.

Individualized service – One of the perks to being a small business is our ability to able to get to know each of our clients and their individualized goals.  Our priority to work diligently toward your defined goals, by providing the highest level of unbiased and independent investment advisory services, tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients.  We base all our investment decisions on your specified preferences; determined using data we compile during the process of Getting Started as a new client.          

Fee-Only Investment Management –  We believe the best way to keep our client’s portfolio healthy is to manage them as fiduciaries (acting in the best interest of our clients).  Doing this helps in preventing the potential conflict that may arise when investments are tied to a commission.  We use a transparent invoicing process, which includes a summary of your portfolio and an itemized accounting of how the fee for our service was calculated.