Portfolio Management


We have no “cookie cutter” approach to investment management for our clients.  Each client is unique and has their own individual needs and goals.  We spend a good deal of time with our clients to determine the purpose of the portfolios that we are managing for them.  Often times we must also take into account assets outside of our management (eg. 401ks or money invested with other investment managers) in order to fully help with our client’s particular goals.  The money will not be invested until we have developed an investment strategy for it.  This can be accomplished by financial planning discussions, assessing portfolio risk tolerance or even a full financial plan.  Every client is different and we treat them accordingly.  We also believe that we need to educate our clients about investment assets and allocations and market behavior before any of their assets are invested.  This has proven to be a worthwhile use of time as we have endured some of the most volatile investment markets in history during my service in this profession.  The education provided has helped to keep most our clients on track with thier plans during the most volatile times.

We have a “passive” approach to investing on a global basis (worldwide) and do not try to “time the markets” (meaning move in and out of the market in response to current news). This does not mean that we do not pay attention to current world events or make adjustments to asset allocations thereon, but we do not react with greed or fear.  We believe that markets work, and we will be rewarded with market returns on our investments based on the asset allocation (amount of stock versus bonds) that we have chosen.  There is much discussion about this in the up-front education and planning process.  Our investment management is done through mutual funds that have been chosen based on extensive ongoing research.  We believe that the diversification achieved by investing through mutual funds provides the best possible long term management results.


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