Insurance Consulting


After starting fee only (no commission – no sales) financial planning and investment services, the missing component to a fee only financial planning process was insurance.  In 2008, I finally found a solution to the commission insurance dilemma when I found the Fee Advisor Network (  I joined the network right away, after my first consulting experience with them.  Through the network, we do whatever analysis of insurance is required to meet each particular client’s needs or goals.  There is no sale of product involved. There is a consulting fee charged, based on the complexity of the insurance project for the client.  At the end of the consultation, an advisory report is delivered with recommendations of types and amounts of insurance that appear to be appropriate.  There is no incentive due to commission to recommend more insurance than needed or the most expensive insurance product available.  Because there is no commission paid to an agent, your premium dollar is much more efficient (either lower cost or quicker accumulation of cash value). The consultation fee covers the service.  If, after delivery of the recommendations, the client needs help in the process of acquiring the recommended policy, a fee is charged for that service, preferably with a “no load” (no commission) insurance policy wherein your premium dollars are not diluted by insurance company costs for agent commissions).